Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In The Rhythm: Tell A Story for SL Sex.

Why is it, that some times a romantic scene, rl or sl, goes along just fine, with one touch, or one sigh leading to another, deeper, gesture of intimacy, and other times it all falls flat? Some of it is, of course, mood. There are days that almost nothing could spark interest, and others where trouble just wants to happen. But a big part of it is whether two people have locked into a rhythm with each other. Because cyber sex and second life, even if aided by voice, are different from real world sex and seduction, rhythm is set by different means. It's still got to get to the same place, but it's got to get there by different means.

Some people are textual purists, for them, it is about the lines in the chat. While the visual is important for personal identification, what they want is the speed of the characters, and the quality of the prose/poem that they create. Other people are highly visual. And some need to hear the words in living sound. But these differences are tactical. I've met many guys who tell me they aren't into cybersex, and generally are willing to participate if good, free and no strings attached is on offer.

However, in the end, sex is going on inside, in the mind, and in the body, and in the flow between them. That's why rhythm is all important. Rhythm is about cutting down your number of choices to the good ones, and then applying your creativity to the choice you make.

But how to get rhythm? There are, after all, many kinds of rhythm. In sl sex, the first part of is setting one. SL sex comes in bursts, a burst tells a little story. Every story has three parts, a beginning, a middle and an end. In sl sex there are three elements, descriptions, actions and reactions. An SL burst is a little story, and ideally it has one of each of the elements: one action, one description, one reaction. There are two kinds of chat: emotes and chats, and rhythm is made by mixing emote and chat. Action is best done in emote, reaction can be either. Description is easiest in a chat, or in the second half of an emote.

These can be in any order. That means that there are the following sl stories to be told:

An action, a reaction, a description.
An action, a description, a reaction.
A reaction, a description, an action.
A reaction, an action, a description.
A description, an action, a reaction
A description, a reaction, an action.

What comes first shapes the sl story.

Because emotes always start with the first person, action first stories are the easiest to tell. /me smiles, /me wiggles her hips, /me sways from side to side. All actions, all simple. But what to follow it up with? Well first there is no reason that the action part of your story has to stop with one verb.

/me pulls up off the bed.
/me straddles over him.
/me looks down into his eyes and gives a wicked smile.

But what makes this a story is to move to a different element. Let's move to a description element. Description elements are best joined on the same line as the action or reaction they follow. So…

/me pumps her hips forward, her pinkness flashing out at the top of every arc.

Then follow with a reaction, phrased as an action:
/me closes her eyes and licks her lips in pleasure.

It's not the action that's important here, it is what it says about what you are feeling. And then finish with direct chat.

Oooooo, yummmm….

There you go, a simple story, action, description, reaction.

Reaction and description stories are best started with a line of chat, not an emote.

Oooooo…. your cock is so large….

Is a description. For a description, reaction, action story, follow this up with something that says how you feel.

May I put it inside me? It will feel sooooo good.

Then, after waiting for the affirmative, finish with a burst of action.

So rhythm is about telling a little story. A story has three parts, and each part should focus on action, description, or reaction. So after you have started a burst, ask yourself "describe first? Act first? React first?" If your partner has just done something, the react first. If you want to move sex to the next level, act first. If you want to go into richer detail in what you are doing, describe first.