Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Transcript of a Rape Scene

This is a transcript of a rape scene. The play was consensual, and for my part specifically to write an article, not because this is my fantasy, so it should be taken as an actor and an actress playing a scene in a movie or any place else.

I had a safe word. Never play, rl or sl, without safe words.

[9:56] You: oh hi!
[9:57] You: can you help me?
[9:57] You: I'm really lost
[9:57] The Perp: hmmmm
[9:57] You: and my cell is out of batteries
[9:57] The Perp: where are you headed?
[9:57] You: I almost tripped on that group of people having sex there
[9:57] You: sorry
[9:57] You: I'm a bit shaken
[9:57] You: ... is there a phone around here.
[9:57] You: here?
[9:57] Lillie Yifu shivers, even though it is not cold.
[9:57] The Perp: yes there is
[9:57] You: I was looking for the boutiques
[9:58] You: a friend of mine said
[9:58] You: hmm
[9:58] You: there was a place to get some thigns really cheap around here... but I must have gotten the directions mixed up.
[9:58] You: does that phone work?
[9:58] The Perp: id be glad to help you get help
[9:58] The Perp: sure it does
[9:59] Lillie Yifu fiddles with her purse.
[9:59] You: I'm out of change
[9:59] You: do you have a quarter?
[9:59] Lillie Yifu moves forward uncomfortably
[9:59] The Perp: reaches in his pocket
[9:59] The Perp: quickly pushing you against the wall
[10:00] The Perp: forcing my self against you
[10:00] Lillie Yifu bends forward topick up her lipstick that hse dropped onthe ground, her hips push against her dress
[10:01] The Perp pawing at your dress
[10:01] Lillie Yifu lurches forward
[10:01] You: heh!
[10:01] You: what are you doing?
[10:01] The Perp is ripping your top
[10:01] Lillie Yifu treis to scramble to the left, but her heel breaks and she stumbles
[10:02] Lillie Yifu reaches out a tthe phone to catch herself
[10:02] The Perp grabs your arms
[10:02] The Perp: clinching them tightly
[10:03] The Perp running my hands down your body
[10:03] Lillie Yifu bangs her knees and squeels
[10:03] The Perp: shut up
[10:03] The Perp: get over here
[10:04] Lillie Yifu gives out a muffled squeek
[10:04] You: please don't hurt me
[10:04] You: here
[10:04] The Perp forcing your body against the phone
[10:04] You: you can have the cash in my wallet
[10:04] You: please
[10:04] The Perp throws your wallet to the ground
[10:05] Lillie Yifu shakes in terror and tries to push against the phone to prevent herself from beign forced into it.
[10:05] You: what is it you want?
[10:05] You: no
[10:05] You: please
[10:05] You: no
[10:05] The Perp sliding my big cock out
[10:06] Lillie Yifu tries to turn around and look behind her at the sound of the zipper sliding down.
[10:06] The Perp: thrusting forcefully into your tightened pussy
[10:06] You: What are you doing
[10:06] You: help!
[10:06] You: help!
[10:06] You: pleeeaaase
[10:06] You: help!
[10:06] You: anyone?
[10:06] The Perp hand goes over your mouth pushing your face forward
[10:07] Lillie Yifu gives out horse wrasps as his cock scrapes her dry vagina.
[10:07] The Perp: you are gunna take this cock
[10:07] Lillie Yifu tries to move her hips away and clehnches in terror
[10:07] Lillie Yifu gasps several times
[10:08] The Perp gave you PIC.
[10:08] The Perp grasps a handfull of hair ripping your head back
[10:08] Lillie Yifu shrieks
[10:08] You: ouch!
[10:08] You: please
[10:08] You: you're hurting me
[10:08] The Perp shoving harder into you
[10:08] You: please
[10:08] You: I'm not on the pill or anything
[10:08] You: you could make me pregnant
[10:08] Lillie Yifu sobs
[10:08] You: pleeeasee... don't
[10:09] The Perp: mmmmmmmm
[10:09] The Perp like the sound of this
[10:09] The Perp reaches up to rip your shirt off quickly tearing from your body
[10:10] Lillie Yifu turns and looks in all directions... she's caught, if she doens't push against the phen she is banged into it, if she does, it presses her body down his cock.
[10:10] Lillie Yifu clasps her hands over her body to protect the scraps of her blouse,
[10:11] Lillie Yifu lurches forward her face banging into the phone, her lip is cut and starts to bleed.
[10:11] The Perp ramming so hard your face is forced against the cold metal of the phone
[10:11] Lillie Yifu grunts as his cock punches through the outside of her vagina.
[10:11] You: nooo please don't press it in
[10:11] You: it huuuurts like that
[10:11] You: it hurts
[10:11] Lillie Yifu whimpes
[10:11] The Perp: shoving all 10 inches inside your pussy
[10:12] You: whimpers ...
[10:12] You: please no
[10:12] You: noo
[10:12] You: don't
[10:12] The Perp: grinding hard into your pussy
[10:12] Lillie Yifu is reduced to crying into herhands
[10:12] The Perp: take it
[10:12] Lillie Yifu sways back and forth, his cock renching along her vagina and pulping her insides
[10:13] Lillie Yifu coughs and tries to say something
[10:13] The Perp grunts as forces his way deep inside you
[10:13] Lillie Yifu looks around, she cakn hear foot steps
[10:13] Lillie Yifu me tries to cough out a plea for help
[10:14] Lillie Yifu body grows limp as the footsteps grow faint
[10:14] The Perp forces his finers into your mouth, shutting you up
[10:14] Lillie Yifu coughs and gags
[10:14] Lillie Yifu bites the finger
[10:14] The Perp: clawing at your breasts
[10:14] The Perp: oouch bitch
[10:14] The Perp slaps you across the mouth
[10:15] Lillie Yifu tries to trip his legs, but his weight makes it impossible for her to do much mor ethan bang his calf a little.
[10:15] Lillie Yifu cries out in pain and wipes the blood off her mouth on her arm
[10:15] You: plese don't cum inside me
[10:15] You: I don't want to be prgnat
[10:15] You: please
[10:15] You: please stop
[10:16] You: pleheeease
[10:16] Lillie Yifu breaks down into tears
[10:16] The Perp: take it bitch
[10:16] The Perp: you are gunna have my cum
[10:16] Lillie Yifu feeels her nipples grow stiff as they ar pressed into the cold hard edge of the phone
[10:16] Lady Lillie's nipples: **Your Lady Lillie's nipples is being touched by The Perp
[10:16] The Perp stretches Lillie's nipple and then snaps it.
[10:16] You: noohooooo
[10:17] You: ouch!
[10:17] Lillie Yifu looks down at her peirced nipples, they are red and hard from the abuse
[10:17] You: pleasee somebody help me
[10:17] The Perp pulls his cock out and shoves it into your ass ripping you open
[10:17] Lillie Yifu tries to scream but her voice is hoarse from shouting so much
[10:18] The Perp pulls on Lillie's nipples, causing her to squirm.
[10:18] Lillie Yifu clenches her hips and tries to roll out of his grasp.
[10:18] Lillie Yifu snaps back underneath him, pulled along by her breasts.
[10:18] The Perp: can you take you 10 in the ass girl?
[10:19] You: noooo
[10:19] The Perp: cuz it doesnt matter
[10:19] Lillie Yifu tightns her hole body.
[10:19] The Perp spreads your asshole wide with four fingers
[10:19] Lillie Yifu coughs up and clenches her hands around the phone as if it will protect her.
[10:19] Lillie Yifu kicks him up in his balls.
[10:20] The Perp doesnt slow down for a moment
[10:20] Lillie Yifu flails an arm around ineffectually in th air trying to hit him
[10:20] The Perp rams with all his body tearing into your tight asshole
[10:21] Lillie Yifu rolls forward, her muscles preventing easy entry
[10:21] The Perp: grrrrrrrr
[10:21] You: pleheease
[10:21] You: not in my ass..
[10:21] Lillie Yifu stops and gather her thoughts.
[10:21] You: ok
[10:21] You: you want that...
[10:21] You: ok
[10:22] Lillie Yifu bends forward farther and lets her hips part.
[10:22] Lillie Yifu turns upwards present her anus to his cock.
[10:22] The Perp grunting loudly as i push inside you
[10:22] The Perp: fuck
[10:23] Lillie Yifu relaxes and lets his cock slide relentlessly in through the out door.
[10:23] Lillie Yifu spasms as her stomach heaves in pian.
[10:24] Lillie Yifu feels his cock split her ass open, and scarape in to her soft moist depths.
[10:24] The Perp reaches around to shove three fingers in your cunt
[10:24] Lillie Yifu feels him slide more and mroe easily into her
[10:24] The Perp traps Lillie's nipple between their teeth as they bite gently.
[10:24] Lillie Yifu squeaks as his fingers probe her pussy.
[10:24] You: ouch!
[10:24] Lillie Yifu sucks air in and tries to relax
[10:25] Lillie Yifu clenches her ass muscles around his cock trying to squeeze him to orgasm with the feling of gith penetration.
[10:25] The Perp pushes all 10 inches into your tight asshole
[10:25] The Perp: grinding as i reach full entry
[10:25] Lillie Yifu feels his balls slap aganst her tender skin.
[10:25] You: mmmmmfff
[10:26] You: hummmf
[10:26] You: huaa
[10:26] The Perp: holding my cock so deep in your ass
[10:26] Lillie Yifu bites her lip to avoid screamign or crying out any more
[10:26] You: just do it
[10:26] You: get it over with
[10:26] You: please
[10:26] You: just get it over with
[10:26] The Perp reaches around to turn you towards him
[10:27] The Perp: shoving my tongue into your mouth
[10:27] Lillie Yifu fumbes with her hands and the contents of her purse spill out all over
[10:27] Lillie Yifu eyes grow wide as she is forced to look into the eyes of her tormentor
[10:28] Lillie Yifu sucks on his tongue and straddles a leg over his shoulder
[10:28] You: come
[10:28] You: or aren't you able to?
[10:28] Lillie Yifu gets a nasty look on her face.
[10:28] The Perp 's swollen cock ripping harder and harder into you
[10:29] The Perp pinches Lillie's nipples between their fingers.
[10:29] Lillie Yifu grabs her cellphone and snaps his picture.
[10:29] Lillie Yifu snaps another as the flash form the picture phone goes off in his face.
[10:30] Lillie Yifu pushes away and runs , clutching the cellphone

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In The Rhythm: Tell A Story for SL Sex.

Why is it, that some times a romantic scene, rl or sl, goes along just fine, with one touch, or one sigh leading to another, deeper, gesture of intimacy, and other times it all falls flat? Some of it is, of course, mood. There are days that almost nothing could spark interest, and others where trouble just wants to happen. But a big part of it is whether two people have locked into a rhythm with each other. Because cyber sex and second life, even if aided by voice, are different from real world sex and seduction, rhythm is set by different means. It's still got to get to the same place, but it's got to get there by different means.

Some people are textual purists, for them, it is about the lines in the chat. While the visual is important for personal identification, what they want is the speed of the characters, and the quality of the prose/poem that they create. Other people are highly visual. And some need to hear the words in living sound. But these differences are tactical. I've met many guys who tell me they aren't into cybersex, and generally are willing to participate if good, free and no strings attached is on offer.

However, in the end, sex is going on inside, in the mind, and in the body, and in the flow between them. That's why rhythm is all important. Rhythm is about cutting down your number of choices to the good ones, and then applying your creativity to the choice you make.

But how to get rhythm? There are, after all, many kinds of rhythm. In sl sex, the first part of is setting one. SL sex comes in bursts, a burst tells a little story. Every story has three parts, a beginning, a middle and an end. In sl sex there are three elements, descriptions, actions and reactions. An SL burst is a little story, and ideally it has one of each of the elements: one action, one description, one reaction. There are two kinds of chat: emotes and chats, and rhythm is made by mixing emote and chat. Action is best done in emote, reaction can be either. Description is easiest in a chat, or in the second half of an emote.

These can be in any order. That means that there are the following sl stories to be told:

An action, a reaction, a description.
An action, a description, a reaction.
A reaction, a description, an action.
A reaction, an action, a description.
A description, an action, a reaction
A description, a reaction, an action.

What comes first shapes the sl story.

Because emotes always start with the first person, action first stories are the easiest to tell. /me smiles, /me wiggles her hips, /me sways from side to side. All actions, all simple. But what to follow it up with? Well first there is no reason that the action part of your story has to stop with one verb.

/me pulls up off the bed.
/me straddles over him.
/me looks down into his eyes and gives a wicked smile.

But what makes this a story is to move to a different element. Let's move to a description element. Description elements are best joined on the same line as the action or reaction they follow. So…

/me pumps her hips forward, her pinkness flashing out at the top of every arc.

Then follow with a reaction, phrased as an action:
/me closes her eyes and licks her lips in pleasure.

It's not the action that's important here, it is what it says about what you are feeling. And then finish with direct chat.

Oooooo, yummmm….

There you go, a simple story, action, description, reaction.

Reaction and description stories are best started with a line of chat, not an emote.

Oooooo…. your cock is so large….

Is a description. For a description, reaction, action story, follow this up with something that says how you feel.

May I put it inside me? It will feel sooooo good.

Then, after waiting for the affirmative, finish with a burst of action.

So rhythm is about telling a little story. A story has three parts, and each part should focus on action, description, or reaction. So after you have started a burst, ask yourself "describe first? Act first? React first?" If your partner has just done something, the react first. If you want to move sex to the next level, act first. If you want to go into richer detail in what you are doing, describe first.