Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Second Sex of Second Sex

I didn't have a blog until recently, now I have two. The first one is the public blog on sex, this one is the "not work safe" blog. This division is, to me, a bit strange, but it is also reality. So here will be product reviews of xcite, sexgen, sexxxdrive and so on, from the no holds barred perspective of sucking face under pressure. I'm going to need to post pictures, and descriptions, that just won't make it in Dilbertia.

People often come to SL for their fantasies of power, sex, or a combination of sex and power. On the "white" blog I will talk about social fantasy, but here, let's talk about getting it on.

One of the most common SL sex acts which is more prevalent here than in rl is anal sex. It is something that many, many, many, many, many men want. It is something that is deep within the erotic forbidden, both for men and women. The problems with anal sex rl are pain, infection and the fumbling inexperience of most men in their throes of passion. This last makes the first two worse. In sl, the first two problems are non-considerations. You can, after all, fuck a belly button or ear here because of interpenetration, you can fuck someone's leg or nose. That leaves the third, which is the occupational problem of sl sex: the blood flowing out of a person's brain.

However, there is still the erotic forbidden. And this, the ability of the brain to conjure up ghosts of sensations even when all that is there is text and image, is the power of anal sex in sl. I can remember the first time I client wanted it. There was a momentary palpitation, a gritting of my real world teeth, a click to accept the animation, a feeling of plunging forward through the water, like the gate in Stargate-1.

And then it was happening, not just on the screen, but between my hips, inside my midriff. I could feel my self expanding upwards, straightening, stiffening, a pressure upwards on my diaphram, a sucking inwards on my belly.

And then the twit ruined it by telling me he was pumping once in my ass and once in my cunt. Possible sl, no infection remember, but well, it says something gross about the guy. But then, that is why they pay, so that they can do degrading and stupid things to women, and then go away. This particular fantasy, alternate pumping, is something I've done many times since.

The momentary wave of sensations however, made me want to seek out a man who I knew to be better and who would give me something of touch of reality. So I sought out a gay man, by wandering gay clubs. I want to note, though I didn't find a man there, the club at Sterling Mall, which had a very tight friendly group of people and was a blast. I didn't stay long where I found the bi guy who would give me a tour around what a man could do with the out door.

One of the most important skills of sl sex is preventing cognitive grind between words and images and internal sensation of the partner. The body can imagine playing a guitar, running, jumping, or dilating and taking a man into one's most nether of nether regions. It is a common aspect of myth to "descend" into the underworld, to face the terrors there and enter for the prize to retutn. Anal sex is exactly like this, at the gate, stands Kerberos, the hound of hell.

In the physical sense, this is the muscular ring of the anus. It is both the reason for the allure of anal sex, and the terror of it, It is a powefully tight rong of muscle, that can easily and voluntarily clench down on the man, and whose ordinary dryness makes it a sharp prodding pain to penetrate. This plunging penetration, this breaking through the barrier between the ordinary world and the world of the darkness, this is the moment that makes or unmakes the act.

/me rolls her hips backwards until the ring of her entrance rests on his crest, and parts sligthly like a gentle kiss.

The key word here, and I wish more animators would get this, is that there needs to be a long moment of hesitation, of preparation, of anticipation, of perspiration, of trepidation, of imagination. The whole of the receptives's body is tense, coiling, and then he or she must, must, must let this spasm pass and relax, relax, relax, relax. I want an animation that has this prequel before looping very, very, very slowly down.

/me breathes up deeply lengthens her torso, readying to draw him into her.

Each milimeter of anal sex is hard won. It is a long descent into that thing that urges a man onwards, to be totally engulfed by the partner. The partner in turn, is not at equipoise, until the pelvis rests completely against the body, whether the hips behind, or pressed against the sex in front. Another note to animators, perpendicular anal sex is perfectly possible and a different sensation, so don't hesitate to have one partner and a 90 degree angle to the other.

/me clenches and unclenches, in a pulse that rolls over the cheeks of her hips and tightens them, thrusting against his pectorals, and then softening to draw him in.

At the other side of passive receptivity is the deep collision of the bodies, the virtuoso moment of anal sex, when the other end of the sphincter, the softer deeper barrier, is kissing the crest of the cock. This is Persephone, the queen of the underworld as she embraces the hero in his dive. It is the song of the stream in Schubert's Miller's daughter, the dark love that is the mirror the the bright love. In every woman the two entrances are rivals, the one who is destined to win gives love, fertility, pleasure, softness. Even if she must do some exercises to catch up with Lillith next door, Eve is destined for victory. But Lillith has what Eve does not have. It is she that is the home of the first erotic sensations, it is she that is the avenue which is shared completely by men and women. It is she that haunts Eve. Always the mistress in women, never the bride, but also always the sorceress.

At this tight intersection, there is the possibility of rolling back and forwards over the crest, and engage in that, the deepest kiss.

/me lets her body grow limp as she settles completely over his manhood, his crest nestled in her farthest depth, and caressed by a deep ring that is hungry for him like a mouth. She is so soft there.

In sl, these are all accomplished by means of emotes, poetic and graphic descriptions of the sensation and action. The quest to imagine and then have that imagination pour down equally through the body and the fingers, where it is lapped up by an eager partner.

But what is often forgotten in str8 pornography, but far less so in porn that the boyz make, is that the receptive partner is not always the passive partner. One can be fucked in the ass, but one can also fuck one's partner with one's ass. Riding and grinding with a muscular force that melts the mind. It is the ultimate in the feminine, to be able to take this, the most degraded of passions, and turn inactivity into activity. Pulsing, clenching, and then rising and falling, by lifting from bent legs with the power of one's thighs, pressure on the knees, compression on the ankles, the bare bent foot turned at the toes.

/me tightens the muscles of her ass, and rolls her hips forward, causing the ring of her entrance to slide back and forth around the base of his shaft, lips of unearthly strength that knead on the skin of his shaft and through to the deep hardnes below.

But the descent into the underworld, even if it is a whirlwind of revelation, must be completed by the ascent back into the light. This, irl, is as crucial a path as the descent. Ask Orpheus, you can't look back. Sliding out pulls on the inside of the same muscles and skin that that pushing in pulls on. If anything, this surface is more fragile and more delicate than the one that faces the world, it is also, if the act is proceding well, slick with moisture and other fluids.

There is in this an element of pain, both of the stretching of muscles, of the length of the distending of the body, and of the tearing at the skin. These pains are, if roughly handled, crude and violating, if gently handled they create a bubble of pressure within the belly, an expansion.

/me quakes in a rumbling pleasure, and lets an animal moan escape her lips that is mixed with a powerful tearing wail of pain.

At the peak of any sexual congress, all shut doors open, and the penetrator passes easily in and out of the penetrated, whirring like the wings of Satan in the depth of Dante's hell, a perpetual and unceasing activity which both attempts to pull up, and by irony fixes more tightly to gether the faster it is. The lines between in and out, pleasure and pain, all of these catagories of the cautious world, blur, disslve and alloy. Until all pleasure is an aching pain of longing, and all pain is a pleasure to want someone so much that even pain is part of that.

The self, the sole self, dissolves. Even across the ether.

Now boys, if you are going to do your anal fantasies on sl, compete with Orpheus in the power of your poetry.