Friday, May 25, 2007

Eden (Club Review)

The life cycle of a successful club turns hard when it becomes a festival of lag. In comes another new club, often one fitted on its own sim, to fill the void. You know a club is too crowded when it tells people coming in to detach not only AO's but prim clothing. Eden is the latest entrant into the sweepstakes for top end escort club.

The build is at a high standard of quality, with sleek rock gardening and smooth biege tile. The girls are at the level of emote quality that you would expect. Eden is not generous with its girls, it demands minimum hours, 150L for training and exclusivity. The girls don't stand head and shoulders above other top clubs at the present time, the are good, but they are not better than Arsheba, which is the reigning queen of quality dancing - an Arsehba birl would never chat when she meant to emote. But while Arsheba is the queen, uneasily sits that crown as examples like this show:

Ambrosa Jano pants gently as her head leans to one side of the pole Her body glistening with sweat being on stage so long. She moaned out as she slide up to the pole again playfully grinding her hips against it. The slick lips of her pussy spreading her moist juice as she slide down. Her face came close to the pole licking it off as she stared over to the people blushing a deep crimson.

A bit long for a more crowded space, but well crafted work. Kudos dear, if they don't get warm on that, they don't have a pulse. Yes it is basic slut, but it is rocco in its execution.

And already the tip jars are telling the tale: most were well over the topless line of 150L when I was there, and it was not a crowd in full swing. This is a place where the serious tippers are going to come, because the smooth animation is just so much better than the herk and jerk of a laggy club.

The smooth low lag environment and incredibly spacious build are destined to draw people in, is there anything here that isn't in the standard package? No, not really, but the uncluttered easy to nagivate design means that even as traffic comes in - and it will come in - people will still be able to get to the floor, to the dancers, or to the nooks for more intimate conversation.

There are, as should be expected from this kind of ambitious build, a few rough edges to smooth out. Security was not inevidence, and I was harrased when entering the sim. Ours is a business that attracts people who haven't learned good manners unfortunately. The staff was polite, but not particularly so. Instead they were, as they should be, focused very heavily on the paying clients. There was a small amount of roleplay going on with a master and his slave that added a nice touch to the procedings.

Another area where Eden is strong is managing expectations. They have automatic shouters with prices for stripping and lap dances, and senior people all over the floor and poles to make sure that patrons have a good guide into how to enter the demi-monde of SL. So many clubs leave patrons wondering what to do, and how to do it.

In short, if the top club you go to has lag that is driving you crazy, and you want to go to the newest and freshest, I can almost assure you that Eden and it's alt arty competitor NC-17 are where you will visit, and many well end up. And given the very professional and focused nature of the staff, which shows through in the layout, employees, decor, music selection and details, what ever small problems there are will be ironed smooth in very short order.

There are several other clubs trying to be the next fresh place. Eden is it.