Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A shivering in my blood

There was this morning a shivering in my blood. It was an awakening, and a realization that since whoring is all we do, whatever the activity, there are people who have been granted permission to order little people around, and there are little people like me who get ordered around, that not only is there no shame in escorting, it is all we do anyway. So it was time to tell the world to just deal with it and keep going, at least it makes someone happy in the end of it all and that's all that really matters if we are going to keeping going on to the end of our silly existence in the world.

Why I felt this I do not know, perhaps because I have seen all those pretty promises that people make that if you play the white game by the rules that you will be able to go through life without spreading your legs and letting the embers burn an incense perfume that draws men to it eager to dip their tongue in the forbidden well from which all desires flow and from which all life begins. But really I know better now, there is no white world, it is that some places people are fooled to thinking that it is there, while some people play the black game with white checkers and white pieces, but really they are as soot upon the world. And everyone wonders why they win.

And it isn't just people who everyone knows are black, but people who are credited with being saints and lights in the world.