Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Lillie Black Test

Your primary avatar:

1. Do you have a shape different from the default?
2. Do you have a skin different from the default?
3. Do you have a skin which depicts nipples/public hair/anything that would get you banned from a PG Sim if it were exposed?
4. Do you own a sex attachment (for men, a cock etc.)
5. Do you own a scripted sex attachment?
6. with a HUD?
7. Do you have multiple shapes/skins just for being nude?
8. Do you own a prim sexual attachment other than a cock?
9. Do you own piercings of erogenous zones?
10. Chains to go with them?

Your basic experience:

11. Have you SL danced on a PG pose ball with another avatar?
12. Have you SL danced with the hopes of getting SL sex?
13. Have you cruised the nude beaches hoping for SL sex?
14. Have you been to Phat Cats or other major dance hall and taken someone to another location hoping to have SL sex?
15. Have you used an SL PG, but erotic pose ball? (e.g. Kiss)
16. Have you used an attachment, such as the kiss or hug attachment with intent?
17. Have you used a multi-attachment, eg, Rendez-vous?
18. Have you had a "date" on SL?
19. Have you used a verb or word associated with sex that your spell checker does not know
20. Have you asked someone to have SL sex?

Common experiences.

21. Have you cybered (sexual acts by text) in SL?
22. Have you used a pose ball animation pair with another avatar to have SL sex?
23. Have you used a multi-animation bed as part of SL sex?
24. Have you used a sex menu on something other than a bed or couch for SL sex?
25. Have you used private voice communication (e.g. skype) as part of SL sex?
26. Have you used SL public voice to have SL sex?
27. Have you used cam as part of SL sex?
28. Had RL sexual experience with someone you met, and had SL sex with, first?
29. Had your first IM to someone be a proposition for SL sex/been propositioned on a first IM?
30. Accepted and had SL sex?

Baby kink.

31. Have you been to an orgy room/free sex room?
32. And had SL sex there?
33. Have you been to a strip club in SL?
34. And ended up publicly naked while there?
35. Been banned from a Sim because of being too sexual?
36. Had public sex in SL in an area not normally devoted to public sex?
37. In a PG Sim?
38. Have you used SL to simulate a sexual activity you would not ordinarily perform?
39. Have you then tried this activity RL?
40. Have you then made this activity part of your sexual repertoire?

Soft BDSM.

41. Have you participated in acts of restraint in SL as the person bound? (Bondage)
42. Have you participated in acts of restraint in SL as the binding person?
43. Have you participated in acts involving accepting pain in SL? (Discipline)
44. Have you participated in acts involving inflicting pain in SL?
45. Have you cruised for a partner solely for the purposes of bondage/discipline?
46. Have you offered yourself to a partner solely for the purposes of bondage/discipline?
47. Have you accepted a collar, or other form of outside of control of your avatar for the purposes of sexual or erotic experience?
48. Have you collared, or otherwise taken control of another avatar for the purposes of sexual or erotic experience?
49. Have you scripted a sex scene which required the adherence to strict rules by the other parties? (Dominance)
50. Have you accepted a heavily scripted sex scene? (Submission?)

We ain't nothin but mammals (mostly, sort of, well... give it up carbon unit, you've been assimilated.)

51. Been in an steady SL relationship
52. Rented a place specifically to have SL sex?
53. Bought land specifically to advance an ongoing SL relationship.
54. Been partnered in SL?
55. Been pregnant, had your primary partner pregnant in SL?
56. Been collared/collared another in SL?
57. Been partnered/collared more than once?
58. Proposed an RL relationship to anyone you had an SL relationship with?
59. Introduced someone to SL for the purposes of having an SL relationship with them?
60. Been divorced in SL?

SL's National Pass time.

61. Have you had SL sex with one person in SL while involved with another outside of SL?
62. Done so breaking the rules of either relationship? (Cheating)
63. Done so breaking the rules of both relationships?
64. Had SL sex with someone you knew was cheating on an RL partner?
65. Had an SL relationship breaking the rules of an existing SL relationship?
66. Had more than one such relationship simultaneously?
67. Had more than two SL sex partners in a 24 hour period?
68. Had more than five SL sex partners in a 24 hour period?
69. Begun a relationship in SL with the express purpose of cheating/convincing the other person to cheat?
70. Gone back to a relationship after promising not to?

SL's Fastest Growing Religion

71. Have you had sex with both genders in SL?
72. Have you had sex with both genders in SL simultaneously?
73. Have you played the opposite gender with the intent of passing (e.g. not merely a camper alt) in a sexual context?
74. Been hetero-gendered for an extended period of time (more than a week)?
75. Been involved in a relationship with your non-primary gender?
76. Created an avatar specifically to experiment with SL sex with your non-preferred gender?
77. Been trans-sexual in SL (body of one gender, sex organs of the other.)
78. Been hermaphroditic in SL (both sets of sex organs.)
79. Had sex as trans-sexual in SL?
80. Had sex as a hermaphrodite in SL?

The backbone of the economy, entry level.

81. Have you ever accepted Linden for dancing/companionship in SL?
82. Have you ever accepted Linden for cyber in SL?
83. Have you ever accepted Linden for vox in SL? (Voice escorting?)
84. Have you ever accepted Linden for cam based from SL?
85. Have you ever taken out an ad for escorting in SL?
86. Have you ever stripped for tips in SL?
87. Have you done so on a regular basis/been employed as a dancer who strips?
88. Have you been an escort in a club?
89. Worked arranging SL sex for others? (Madame/Pimp)
90. Provided exotic services for Linden? (any fetish, BDSM, etc.)

Soft Kink.

91. Do you own an set of fetish gear? (E.g. latex suit, heavy rubber)
92. Do you own more than 10 sets of fetish gear?
93. Have you participated in oral foot fetish?
94. Have you participated in genital foot fetish?
95. Have you participated in sex toy fetish? (E.g. strap ons)
96. Have you participated in inorganic fetish? (E.g Sex machines).
97. Taken pictures of SL sex acts you were involved in?
98. Taken machanima of SL sex acts you were involved in?
99. Posted either of these to the web?

More post-mammalian behavior. (The sex maybe fake, but everything else is pretty much real. Tanner Mills)

100. Have you ever fallen in love in SL, not as roleplay?
101. Had someone fall in love with you in SL, not as roleplay?
102. Been dumped in SL? (Been in love and had an SL relationship terminated.)
103. Dumped some one in sl? (Had them be in love with you, and terminated the sexual relationship.)
104. Dumped someone RL in favor of an SL relationship?
105. Made large changes in your sexual identity because of SL? (E.g. identifying as bisexual after having had bisexual experiences in SL.)
106. Bought a plane ticket, had a plane ticket bought for an ITF? (In The Flesh)
107. Proposed marriage to someone in SL. That is recognized in some RL jurisdiction.
108. Been proposed to?
109. Accepted?
110. Gone through with it?

The Fur Flies.

111. Have you ever had SL sex as a mostly anthropoid, but clearly not human avatar?
112. Have you ever had SL with a clearly anthropoid, but clearly not human avatar?
113. Have you ever yiffed? (had sex as/with a animal avatar, or mostly animal avatar.)
114. Yiffed with both genders?
115. Had sex as a non-human/non-animal. (E.g. Dragon)
116. Had sex with/as a tiny?
117. Had sex with/as a non-human/non-animal avatar? (E.g. robot)
118. Been double penetrated by a single avatar simultaneously. (E.g. Centaur, alien with multiple appendages.)
119. Been in a furry relationship?
120. Been in relationship where one partner was never human?

Your Avatar and Alts.

121. Have you ever participated in altrotic behavior? (SL sexual acts with an alt under your control at the time?)
122. Had sustained separate relationships as your alt and primary at the same time?
123. Had an alt expressly for the purpose of behavior you desired, but did not want associated with your primary?
124. Run alts of both genders in sexual situations within 24 hours?
125. Had an alt pass as a separate person for an extended period of time in a sexual context?
126. Transferred from a primary to an alt because the sex was better as the alt?
127. Used prims for extreme transformation? (E.g. Prim breasts of extreme size, bimbo-izing, but not furry, tiny or other non-human.)
128. Created an alt expressly to have SL sex with a particular person?
129. Revealed one of your alts for the express purpose of getting SL sex with that alt?
130. Had sex simultaneously as alt and primary? need not be in the same place.

Hard Kink
131. Participated in water sports or other play with feces?
132. Attached RL sex toys to SL command?
133. Exposed your RL to risk of discovery of SL sex practices?
134. Engaged in RL sex work as the result of an SL relationship?
135. Max penetration? (Three for human female, two for human male)
136. Been imprisoned for long periods of time, and unable to leave the keyboard.
137. Practiced extended orgasm command/denial? (I.e. unallowed to orgasm except at command. Required to orgasm as close to command as possible?)
138. Gang banged?
139. Fuck camped?
140. Been ordered to take all comers as part of D/S?

The Backbone of the economy, advanced level.
141. Is your primary SL activity in the direct sex industry?
142. Have you ever managed a club/owned a club whose purpose was SL sex?
143. Have you ever exposed your RL as part of SL sex when not required by the transaction? (Cam doesn't count here, but camming in a cyber session would.)
144. Given RL control for Linden?
145. Trained new escorts?
146. Engaged in acts unpleasant to you for Linden on a regular basis? (However you define you.)
147. Freelanced in a forbidden area?
148. Tried to work an escort for a freebie?
149. Engaged in group sex for Linden?
150. Produced permanent erotica associated with SL, for pay? (E.g. Pictures, stories etc.)

151. Do you have a safe word?
152. Do you know your hard limits?
153. Have you broken through a hard limit in SL?
154. Have you had sex with someone more than twice your age in SL?
155. Less than half your age?
156. have you been required to engage in public humiliation?
157. Have you been required to wear text or tag under someone else's control?
158. Have you been required to transform as part of a relationship? (E.g. forced feminzation, sissification, major changes to avatar. If you think it is, then it is.)
159. Have you required humiliation, transformation or tag from another as a precondition to a relationship?
160. Had a relationship expressly for acting through a major transformation?


161. have you ever engaged in sex as part of a persona that is very different from you? (However you construe you)
162. Joined a roleplay Sim that involved sex as part of roleplay? (E.g. Lost Angels).
163. Spent more than four hours straight roleplaying a single sex scene?
164. Spent more than 24 hours without leaving character?
165. Participated in violent roleplay? (E.g. Kidnap, rape.)
166. Joined a group that advertises anonymous or forced participation in violent roleplay?
167. Adopted as part of your identity roleplayed behaviors?
168. Convinced another to roleplay a persona very different from their own? (Again however the other person defines it.)
169. Have you ever been primarily in roleplay character for more than a month continuously? (Again, however you define not being you.)

Dolcett and other extremes.
181. Have you ever been dismembered as part of SL sex?
182. Have you ever been snuffed as part of SL sex?
183. Have you ever been bang banged as part of SL sex? (Killed on a spot you have set to home, and therefore immediately returned to be killable again.)
184. Have you ever dismembered another avatar as part of SL sex?
185. Have you ever snuffed another avatar as part of SL sex?
186. Have you ever accepted money for extreme activities?
187. Have you ever participated in cannibalism in SL? (Gynophagy etc.)
188. Have you ever been put in a death trap as part of a sex scene?
189. Have you ever been required to engage in SL violence against a third party as part of a sex scene, when that third party was unaware of the agreement? (Sawmetrics)
190. Performed nearly impossible acts? (E.g. Womb fucking.)


191. Have you been a pet for an extended period of time? (Been expected to provide sex access with no questions for another, but not been expected to humiliate yourself as part of the position.)
192. Have you ever owned a pet?
193. Have you ever been a slave for an extended period? (Expected to perform deference regardless of your own wishes.)
194. Owned a slave?
195. Been sold to an individual not previously known to you, and performed as a result?
196. Bought an individual not previously known to you?
197. Been part of a harem? (owned with multiple others, without having outside interests yourself.)
198. Owned a harem? (Owned multiple others, at least two had no other sexual outlets.)
199. Been to a slave/master course or courses?
200. Taught a slave master/course?


For those that believe they have no rl, then the answer to those questions is no. This many not seem "fair" but it is, there is a purity involved in not having an rl, that is reflected.

However many questions are not related to "RL" but "you," by which I mean your identity as the player controlling the avatar.

Two Hundred Questions is just enough to make me think of about another 100 that should be there. Perhaps I will revise this one with suggestions.